Somehow Sorry is a band from Long Island, NY

We play melodic rock

Covers & Originals

Our original music is distributed worldwide, and we would so appreciate it, if you would gave us a listen.

Our band lent itself to incredible song writing, synergy and harmony.

Our Sound, is high energy Rock & Roll, with a touch of Rockabilly and Swing mixed in.

Somehow Sorry also plays, Cocktail Rock for smaller venues, bars, restaurants and wineries.






Somehow Sorry: In 2006 we found our first puzzel piece. That being Jim Bosko on drums. From an artist perception, there is no better.. Besides adding his incredible talent, he is one hundred percent team player.

"No one has the Somehow Sorry sound!" is his motto.

We can't thank him enough for his loyalty, time, and commitment to this project. 

We have had a hard time with finding a bass player. In the very early stages we worked with Studio Bassist Chris Warren to get the project moving in a forward progression while searching for a permanent member.

Paul Maugeri became that player. Paul, Rain's eldest nephew joined the project in 2007. Paul, a guitarest by trade was an incredible asset to Somehow Sorry. He also lent his vocal ability on tracks, Popular View, Compliance and New Age Face.

All three songs, were written and sung by Paul Maugeri. 

Somehow Sorry In 2009 we had to put Somehow Sorry on the shelf, sadly to say. As we lost Jim (due to a serious accident)

However, with a bit of luck, and lot of prayer he was able to return to the drums and Somehow Sorry, ten years later. 

Somehow Sorry 2.0: When you are in a band it becomes so many things. An extended family, and outlet, a feeling of doing something very few can do but mostly it becomes a part of you.

A part of your life. As we all know, life changes and has many challenges.

In 2022 after completion of our latest album "Same Great Taste" Paul was no longer able to continue with the project.

We wish him all the best in his future endevours and can't thank him enough for his time, patience and musicianship.

The timing of Paul's departure was not good for the band, as we started creating a local stir again. After all the set backs, and the recent pandemic, our new album is gaining traction and more live shows are being added weekly.

So loosing Paul was definately heartbreaking.

The one thing we did not want to do was short change our sound or the venues we booked.

So we had to find a Bass Player quickly,

That person had to have incredible talent and skill, and a quick learner and most importantly love our sound and want to be a full time band member.

Instead of running adds and interviewing, we chose the word of mouth approach. Props to Jimmy Bosko, who made tons of phone calls and messages to other musicians.

Only two weeks later we found Robert Jay. He came highly recommended.

Bob, has played the Long Island/New York City scene for many years and somehow immediately fit. His style was that of a true seasoned Bass player and his personality is simply perfect for our project. He and Jim have formed a true Drummer/Bassist groove together and Bob has brought our sound to another level.

His playing and writing is so fresh and so exciting at the same time. Thanks to Bob we have not missed a beat!

We would love to see you at a show.

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