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Somehow Sorry are an American rock band from Long Island, NY. Their lineup consists of Singer/Songwriters John and Raine McCarthy. 

Bass guitarist Robert Jay and Drummer James Bosko.


Jay and Bosko's influential playing styles rounded out to be a solid rhythm section for Somehow Sorry, John McCarthy's guitar technique has created and has developed their sound. John and Rain have a melodic style of singing, completely unique and form a harmonistic approach to the Lead Vocals.


They are influenced by many rock, and folk-rock bands, and their songs receive regular exposure.

Somehow Sorry developed from an earlier group, 

"D'Vine Ryte", established themselves as part of the hard rock era of the late 80's and 90's.

John & Lorraine McCarthy's contributions to rock music include the Song "When" (1994)


"Pear" a Demo EP In 1997, Recorded and released under Modern Voices Records with Studio Drummer Chris Pati and Studio Bassist Christopher Warren.

"Fit To Be Tied" a full-length Album in 2007 recorded and released under Guru Project is the first record recorded with rhythm section Maugeri and Bosko.

"Same Great Taste" full-length Album in 2022 Released under the Rain Arts and Entertainment. 

Basic tracks recorded at EKO Productions, Deer Park, NY, with engineers Steve Porcelli and Jack Walker. Produced at Rain Arts and Entertainment.

Mixed at Chrome Orange Music Media and Rain Arts and Entertainment,

Mastered at Major Decibel and Chrome Orange Music Media. Features nine original songs and one re-make.


Festival appearances at Woman's Rights to Rock, Lilith Fair, Woodstock Revival and the CCAR Recovery Fest. established their reputation as a respected rock act.

As well as Supporting artist for many national rock acts including, Warrant, Nino Betencourt and Missing Persons.


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